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Carpet Cleaning FAQ's

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Carpet Cleaning & Repair FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions that our customers ask us. If you still have a question please call us or email us and we will gladly do our best to assist you.

Yes, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means that if you are not happy with the way we cleaned your carpet, we will re-clean at no additional fee.

Carbonated water is an aggressive cleaning agent. It effectively strips off soiling along with pigment in textiles. With the hot water carbonated cleaning method the carpet may look cleaner but actually the fabric colouring becomes compromised. Steam cleaning is the gold standard in carpet cleaning because it is safe for carpets and helps remove the majority of allergents, bacteria, dirt and stains from your carpet.

It is recommended not to walk on the carpet for the first three to four hours. The first three to four hours are the most crucial for drying. The moisture comes to the surface and then it starts to dissipate into the air. The other part of the 12-24 hour drying process is when the actual under-padding starts to dry. Walking on the carpet during the first three to four hours creates suction and increases the chances of sweat, oils and odour from the feet getting trapped into the carpet. Not walking on the carpet while it’s drying always provides the best results. So whenever possible do not walk on the carpet for 24 hours.

If you must walk on the carpet during the drying period, do so with white socks. If you wear black socks the chances of lint transferring to the carpet are higher. Never walk bare feet, doing so transfers oils and other particles from your feet into the carpet.

If your carpet cleaning was performed in winter, then keep your heating on and open some windows. This will help speed up drying. If the carpet cleaning was performed during summer, decreasing or shutting off the AC and opening your windows will help speed up the drying process.

Yes, our cleaning products are safe for the environment, humans (including infants), and pets. We never use any harmful carpet cleaning solutions, instead we use detergents and conditioners that are free of phosphates, fragrance free, hypoallergenic and are biodegradable, allowing us to provide a True Green Process for a Cleaner Planet.

Our deodorizer is a disinfectant which is important if you have children that crawl around your carpets especially if you have pets.

Our deodorizer is absolutely 100% safe for humans, children, pets and the environment. The disinfectant kills most of the remaining bacteria and increases the safety of your home for your family and pets and gives your carpet a gentle, sweet, lemony scent.

Our carpet protector has a Teflon base which is a liquid plastic. After cleaning your carpet our technician will spray the protector solution on top of your carpet, creating a layer of protection that will make any future stains easier to clean by keeping them on top of the carpet which gives you more time to wipe them off.

Our experienced and friendly technicians will always ensure all your questions are answered before they begin any carpet cleaning work during the pre-inspection. They always take extra time to make sure each client knows the final price and that all questions are answered.

We cannot make your 30 year old carpet look brand new as it most likely has irreversible damage due to wear and tear from human traffic, pets and furniture as well as sun damage. However, our professional carpet cleaning service will definitely make a big difference to your old carpet by removing most of the dirt, grime, stains, odours and allergens while making you carpet look and feel cleaner, brighter, fluffier and healthier.

Yes we can, this is called blocking. Our experienced carpet repair specialist will come in, cut out the damaged piece of carpet and replace it with a piece of carpet that looks almost identical to your carpet, making it look seamless.

Old carpets get buckled and need to be stretched back into the wall. We do not offer this service.

Chem Dry uses Carbonated water which is an aggressive cleaning agent. It effectively strips off soiling along with pigment in textiles. The carpet may look cleaner but actually the fabric colouring becomes compromised with this type of cleaning system. On the other hand, steam cleaning which is the gold standard in the professional carpet cleaning industry is gentle on carpet fibers, but tough on stains, dirt, grime, and allergens and does not discoulour your carpet.

No, we do not offer carpet under padding replacement. In most cases, when carpet damage is so extensive that you need new underpadding, it usually makes more sense to replace your carpet.

No, we do not sell carpets, we specialize in carpet cleaning and repairs. We also offer carpet cleaning and furniture cleaning.

Our customers love how their carpet looks after our professional carpet washing service is complete and often times they tell us that their carpet looks brand new. Our customers also love that their washed carpet has no odour after our professional carpet technicians are done their magic. Our customers also appreciate our honesty. Our technicians always take the time to build a rapport with each customer in an effort to learn about their needs and expectations and to explain the entire carpet cleaning process and cost breakdown before any work is performed. We always work in the best interest of our customers’ and all our technicians are 100% honest and provide recommendations that are in the best interest of the customer and their carpet.  Finally, our customers are happy with the low carpet cleaning prices we are able to offer compared to other carpet cleaners in Toronto.

We have been repairing and cleaning carpets in the Greater Toronto Area since 1894. We have been doing in in-home carpet cleaning in TOronto and surrounding areas since 2004. Been doing this since 2004 – 15 years. Our carpet cleaning technicians are some of the most experienced in Canada and have the know-how required to remove even the toughest of stains from even the most delicate carpets.

Yes, we offer carpet water damage treatments in the Greater Toronto Area.

Yes we offer residential carpet cleaning services in the Greater Toronto Area.

Yes we offer commercial carpet cleaning in the Greater Toronto Area.

Very often our experienced technicians are able to restore some volume loss in situations when carpet fibers are flattened due to overuse. However, for very old carpets it is no possible to improve volume loss, in which case we may recommend replacing your carpet.

Our professional carpet cleaning services will minimize the visibility due to sun damage, however it is not possible to remove sun damage completely and so expectations should be realistic.

There is no guarantee offered for stain removal because some stains can never come out. However, we are able to minimize and even completely remove a large majority of stains thanks to our latest carpet cleaning technology, expertise and proven stain removal techniques. We do offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means that if the customer is not happy we will re-clean the carpet at no additional cost.

Yes we offer stair cleaning for carpeted stairs.

Yes we offer professional furniture cleaning for most upholstery. Whether your furniture is synthetic or leather, our experienced technicians have the know-how to make it look brand new.

No, we don’t use anything in the customer’s home, we don’t use the customer’s power or water. We use a High pressure hose and extraction system, which is the gold standard in carpet cleaning. We have a truck-mount system which allows us to bring our water to the customer’s home, and to take back the soiled water.

Yes and no. We do not move heavy furniture like beds, nor do we move breakables, these must be moved by the customer. We move light furniture like side-tables, chairs, love seats and sofas, but not sofa beds. We put all the furniture that we have move back to where they were originally and we either put blocks or pads around the legs so they don’t get wet from the damp carpet.

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