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Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Toronto

Residential carpet cleaning

Top Quality Residential Carpet Cleaning

Studies show that 99% of allergens trapped in the carpet can be eliminated with professional carpet cleaning. 

At Love Your Carpet, we use professional cleaning methods that ensure the removal of over 94% of common household allergens.

Our highly skilled carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning technicians will identify the type of carpet, fabric and extent of cleaning required on-site and then determine the custom professional carpet and/or upholstery cleaning and restoration methods.

Reliable Commercial Carpet Cleaners in Toronto

Clean carpets give your business a great first impression to your customers. Additionally, professional commercial carpet cleaning eliminates harmful allergens, keeping your workspace safe and healthy. 

We use efficient hot water extraction and powerful steam cleaners for deep cleaning of commercial carpets to bring back their original glory. Our commercial carpet cleaning services include:

With flexible scheduling and very minimal downtime, your carpets and furniture will be dry and ready for use within 12-24 hours.

Commercial carpet cleaning
stair carpet cleaning

Stair Carpet Cleaning

It’s vital to regularly get your stair carpets professionally cleaned at least once every six months as stairs are considered high-traffic areas, which makes them prone to accumulating dirt, grime, and stains. 

Apart from our regular carpet cleaning services, we also provide stair carpet cleaning options. 

Our specialized equipment and techniques ensure every step is as clean as the last, elevating your home’s overall aesthetic. Don’t let dirty stairs bring you down; let our carpet cleaning experts lift you up.

Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Toronto

Below, you can read about our additional services that can be purchased on top of our standard carpet steam cleaning service. Don’t forget to mention our premium add-ons in your request while filling out the form

Removing stain
Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet stain removal may be required if your carpet has stubborn stains such as old coffee stains, food colouring, mustard, ketchup, blood, wine, old urine, or greasy oily stains. With our stain removal service, our stain removal technician will pre-spray and work on each stain.

A good chunk of most stains comes out, making most stains disappear or very hard to notice. As long as the stain isn't stuck to the carpet fibre, it comes out. If the stain gets deep into the fibre, it cannot come out completely, although it can be minimized greatly with our professional carpet stain removal services.

carpet stain treatment with sprayer
Carpet Protector

Our carpet protector has a Teflon base, a liquid plastic. After cleaning your carpet, our technician will spray the protector solution on top of your carpet, creating a layer of protection that will make any future stains easier to clean by keeping them on top of the carpet, which gives you more time to wipe them off, makes future professional cleaning more effective, and helps prolong the life of your carpet.

Carpet Disinfectant​
Carpet Disinfectant​

Our carpet deodorizer doubles as a powerful disinfectant, ideal for homes with young children and pets. It's rigorously tested to ensure complete safety for all family members and is environmentally friendly. Beyond eliminating most residual bacteria, it enhances your home's safety and infuses your carpets with a subtle, lemony fragrance.

Carpet Enzyme Treat
Carpet Enzyme Treatment

Our Carpet Enzyme Treatment is exactly what you need to ensure unwanted odours and bacteria don’t return to your carpets. Regular steam cleaning will remove bacteria, but enzymes from the treatment will penetrate deep into carpet fibres and prevent bacteria from returning.

This treatment is highly recommended if you have carpets that contain deep stains from pets or high foot traffic.

We Are Also Upholstery Cleaning Experts

In-Home Sofa and Leather Couch Cleaning

Hosting a get-together and need your furniture cleaned ASAP? That’s no problem! Call us today for a quick quote and booking.

The furniture cleaning process couldn’t be simpler. The experts at Love Your Carpet will quickly evaluate the type of fabric or upholstery on your furniture, assess which customized cleaning techniques will work for you then provide you with a quote immediately. 

We offer professional leather couch cleaning as well as in-home sofa cleaning services. 

Your living space will look flawless and be restored to maximum style and coziness in no time!

CCommerical Carpet Cleaning
Upholstry Cleaning Services

Our Upholstery Cleaning Services


Your furniture defines your living space, so it’s crucial that it looks and smells clean and pristine. Our talented upholstery and furniture cleaning technicians will not only enhance your beloved furniture’s appearance, but they will also remove harmful allergens and unappealing odours. You’ll be able to rest, relax and entertain houseguests easily as you lounge on your good as new furniture!

Love Your Carpet uses powerful steam cleaners and disinfectants to restore your furniture. We clean the following items and more:

We can even clean leather furniture!

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Carpet Cleaning Toronto Prices

Most Affordable Carpet Cleaner In Toronto

Are you exploring carpet cleaning pricing options or on the hunt for the most cost-effective carpet cleaning service in Toronto? Your search starts and stops with us. 

We are your one-stop solution for reliable and affordable carpet cleaning. Love Your Carpet ensures a thorough cleaning process using specialized disinfectants and protectors. We offer transparent quotes without the involvement of middlemen or subcontractors, so you can be assured of no hidden charges.

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning in Toronto

Eco-friendly Carpet Cleaning Toronto

Love Your Carpet employs a well-rounded approach to carpet cleaning, targeting both environmental conservation and your personal health. Our detergents and conditioners are free from phosphates and fragrances and are hypoallergenic and biodegradable. 

To reinforce our commitment to green practices, we exclusively use natural fresh water, ensuring your carpets are not only clean but also devoid of harmful chemicals.

In-Home Carpet Cleaning

Our onsite carpet cleaning services will have your carpet looking good as new in less than 24 hours.

Area Rug Cleaning

From Persian rugs to oriental rugs, you can rest assured that your beloved area rugs will be in great hands.

Upholstery Cleaning

We know the importance of clean furniture, and our steam cleaning and disinfecting services are fast and cost-efficient.


Professional Rug Cleaning

about carpet cleaning
Area Rug Cleaning

Love Your Rug specializes in offering professional area rug cleaning services to residents of Ontario, Canada. We dust, clean and dry area rugs using highly efficient and effective rug cleaning technologies

about carpet repair
Area Rug Repair

At Love Your Rug, our team of rug repair technicians has been repairing area rugs since 1894, and we house some of the most talented rug repair technicians and equipment in Canada.

Complementary Cleaning and Repair Services!

Love Your Rug focuses on delivering top-quality cleaning for all types of area rugs. Our skilled team of rug experts performs all cleaning tasks on our premises, aiming to return your rug in pristine condition within a week. We handle various rug types, such as Persian and Flokati rugs, ensuring they receive the best care.

Love Your Leather provides top-tier dry cleaning and repair solutions for every kind of jacket and coat, whether it’s leather, suede, or sheepskin. We use gentle, effective methods to safeguard your items against any damage, ensuring they retain their original quality without fading or shrinkage.

At Love Your Coat, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of coat restoration services. Our expertise covers everything from precise alterations and meticulous stitching to reliable zipper repairs and replacements. We focus on delivering top-notch results, ensuring your coat receives the care it deserves.

For over three decades, Love Your Shoes has been providing high-quality cleaning and repair services for shoes and boots in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our expert cobblers specialize in fixing issues such as worn soles and broken heels and offer custom solutions for more unique shoe concerns.

At Love Your Dress, we are the leading dress care service provider in Toronto. Utilizing eco-friendly techniques, we ensure your silk or satin dress receives top-tier treatment at an affordable price. Additionally, we offer museum-grade preservation services for your cherished gowns.

Love Your Tailor offers expert tailoring for every garment type, ensuring a comfortable fit for a diverse range of shapes, sizes, and materials. Our experienced tailors are proficient in adjusting, hemming, and mending luxury brands, including Gucci, Chanel, and Dior, guaranteeing precision and comfort in every adjustment.

Love Your Duct specializes in regular, in-depth duct cleaning to avert dust build-up and optimize system functionality. Our advanced technological methods and detailed cleaning routines promise exceptional cleaning effectiveness, greatly reducing the occurrence of germs, mould, and allergens in your space.

Love Your Luggage is committed to maintaining your travel bags in pristine condition. Our specialized cleaning solutions cater to all types of luggage, offering comprehensive care regardless of size, shape, or colour. The result is a noticeable improvement in both the look and longevity of your luggage.

At Love Your Purse, we provide a variety of services tailored for your purses and bags, including specialized cleaning, precise repairs, and custom alterations. Our expertise encompasses everything from simple cleaning and polishing to elaborate colour restoration, catering to both standard purses and exclusive luxury brands.

At Love Your Gear, we offer premium sports equipment cleaning services with exceptional value in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Utilizing odour-elimination technology trusted by professional athletes and essential services such as the army and police, we guarantee your equipment remains odourless and sanitized.

At Love Your Drapery, we blend state-of-the-art eco-friendly technology with classic hand-cleaning techniques, guaranteeing immaculate cleaning for all kinds of draperies. Our skilled team is adept at handling various drapery styles, including Sheers, Grommet drapes, Roman blinds, and bespoke draperies.

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