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Our 6-steps to a clean carpet

In-Home Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 6-steps to a clean carpet

In-Home Carpet Cleaning Process

Our 6-Step Carpet Cleaning Process Explained

Welcome to LoveYourCarpet, Canada’s largest professional carpet cleaning service. We specialize in home carpet cleaning and restoration. Our highly-trained technicians bring our steam cleaning equipment to your home and restore the health of your carpets using our six-step cleaning process. Our truck-mounted system uses its own power and water, requiring absolutely no resources from the customer’s home.



Our skilled technicians will assess the health of your carpet and advise the best treatment. We work with the customer to check for stains and spots that need extra care. We confirm our low price by determining how many rooms require cleaning and measuring the square footage of your carpet.



We start with a pH balanced, non-toxic shampoo to pre-treat your carpet and loosen up debris, dirt and tough stains stuck to the fibres. Our experts will work out stubborn stains like pet urine, coffee and red wine. We use natural fresh water, detergents and conditioners that are free of phosphates and fragrances, are hypoallergenic and biodegradable.


Steam Carpet Cleaning

Next, we use our cutting-edge steam cleaning machines to penetrate the deep layers of carpet fibres. Combining hot water with high pressure and heat allows us to extract trapped allergens, dust, dirt and stains.


Deodorize & Disinfect

After a thorough steam cleaning, we administer a proprietary deodorizer and disinfectant on your carpet to help sanitize and eliminate any odours that may still remain. This step is important to prevent the same odours from returning after the steam cleaning process is complete.


Carpet Protector

A Teflon based carpet protector is applied to protect your carpet from future stains and spills. This spray-on solution creates a layer of protection that prevents particles from seeping further into the carpet fibres – keeping the carpet cleaner, longer.


* The exclusive carpet protectant is available at additional cost



To finish the process, our carpet cleaning technician walks each customer through the entire job to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and will be happy to re-clean your carpets at no additional fee if you are not satisfied.

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