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By Alan Rice on Sep 13, 2021
This is a great company! They do rugs and carpets so they had me fully covered in both cases. They picked and redelivered the rugs and then Vince came over and steam cleaned my in home carpets. I just appreciate that in both cases the friendly staff had me covered. Thanks LoveYourCentre

By Tanya on Sep 04, 2021
Thanks so much for the job your all did. Great customer service staff who were very nice to work with. And the guy that came to do the carpet cleaning was very accommodating. Thanks again Love Your crew

By Linda on Sep 01, 2021
They did my stairs carpet, they did my basement, main floor AND even shipped my rugs to a professional facility to be cleaned. Great company that knows how to do carpet cleaning properly. Vince was wonderful to work with the whole time. Would recommend them.

By Gary Salerno on Aug 30, 2021
Rather than changing our carpet in the basement, we looked on the web to see if anyone can clean them. Turns out there's lots of companies but super glad we chose Love Your Carpet. They brought their own tech and equipment and did all the necessary moving to make sure the whole carpet is fresh and clean. Definitely a great company that we will be using again. And we also found out they do rug cleaning as well!

By Mike R on Aug 25, 2021
Very happy with the carpet cleaning services done by the team. Now I don't have to buy new carpets. Much love to the staff that helped make everything happen.

By Jim St.Pierre on Aug 04, 2021
A truly amazing job. Rowland did great work on our carpet. He was pleasant and paid attention to detail. We had spilled wine on one of our dining room chairs and it looks like new. They even picked some winter jackets I needed to be cleaned and were delivered a week later. I would highly recommend Love Your Carpet. and Love your Centre for all my needs.

By Arash on May 15, 2021
If you're accepting a job in Schomburg, dont send someone from Ajax and expect me to pay for the distance. I paid $200 for a ten minute job. THIS IS A TOTAL RIPOFF. YOUR COMPANY ARE A BUNCH OF DISHONEST THIEVES AND YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED

By Kim Wong on Jul 11, 2020
LYC were great 5 star job. Cleaned all my carpets and made them shine! Thank you so much to the two gentlemen who did the work.

By Lorrain J on Jun 29, 2020
Love Your Carpet is fantastic. My home smells fresh again and the carpets are so clean. They did a great job and the gentleman that came to do the job was very professional.

By George Allman on Jun 11, 2020
Found LoveYourCarpet on Google when we searched for carpet cleaning and found these guys. After with an experience with them, I have to sing their praises. They not only do just in-home carpet cleaning but also area rug cleaning and much more home cleaning services. It's good to know a company like this exists and we are happy with their services and courteous staff!

By Lara Hanson on May 07, 2020
These guys do it all, rugs, carpets, drapery and apparently much more. Staff was very friendly when we called and they offered us free pick up and delivery. Fantastic people and company.

By Joanne on Apr 15, 2020
Had a great experience with Love Your Carpet who came over and cleaned all of our carpets. Price was great and they came with all the equipment. I didn't really have to do much prep work. After they steam cleaned all the carpets, the place felt better to be in. Thanks so much!

By Mindy Kaur on Mar 09, 2020
LoveYour is great. Good customer service and friendly people. They did a good job on my rugs.

By Geraldine H on Feb 29, 2020
Was about to throw out the carpets but then we did some research to see if they can be cleaned. Turns out they can and LoveYourCarpet were the right company to do it. Found them on Google and gave them a call. We spoke to Jim who set us up with Vince to do the job. Vince was a gentleman and he assured us that our carpets could be cleaned no problem. After he was done, our carpets were very fresh and all the dirt was gone. We decided to keep the carpets thanks To this company who did a great job. Thank you Vince for coming to our home.

By Lauren Eskin on Feb 18, 2020
LoveYourCarpet is great! Needed someone to freshen up our carpets and found them on Google. They brought everything they needed and they did the job while I was upstairs making dinner. The carpets have never looked better and they worked out a stain that was recently placed on the carpet. LYC is who you should call if you need your carpets cleaned

By Raymond on Feb 12, 2020
My rugs came back yesterday and they are absolutely spotless now. One of them was especially in rough shape before we sent it to these guys. Now they are completely clean.

By Jennifer Cormier on Feb 08, 2020
Had Vince come and clean my carpets. He's a great guy and he did a great job with all the carpets. He even put a carpet protector on to help keep the carpets clean for longer. Very professional and the whole company was really great to work with.

By Andrea P on Feb 03, 2020
The team over at the love your centre in Scarborough does a great job. I really liked speaking with Tony and Kathy to coordinate cleaning the rugs in my home. The team picked them up cleaned them and returned them in about 2 days time. It was a really great experience for sure and I hear they clean other things like jackets, purses and more. I will be in contact with them again for something projects I might have 😛

By sally on Jan 30, 2020
Did a fantastic job on cleaning my furniture. These guys also do upholstery and you all should know who good of a job they do. LoveYourCarpet and their other brands get my recommendation.

By Christina Toscano on Jan 27, 2020
These guys are the best for both carpets and rugs. I dropped off my rugs to their facility in Scarborough and they came back all wrapped in plastic and looking like brand new. LoveYourCentre is great!

By Terry Larsen on Jan 23, 2020
Excellent quality service. They were courteous, brought all the equipment and let our carpets smelling fresh. Recommend these guys to anyone.

By Eric Forrey on Jan 21, 2020
We just moved into a new home and we kept all the carpeting which was not that bad, it just need to be cleaned. We phoned into loveyourcarpet and they were willing to come and steam clean the carpets. They brought all the equipment and ran all the resources from their truck. Did a thorough cleaning and managed to get out some pesky stains that were stuck in some spots. Everything was done very professionally with tarps laid down and everything. I highly recommend the company, They do really good work.

By Amanda on Jan 18, 2020
Had a great experience with Love Your Carpet. they steam cleaned all our carpets and also cleaned all our furniture. Vince was very nice and the job was done professionally. Thank you so much!
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Love Your Carpet Toronto 4.8 out of 5 based on 23 user reviews.
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